“Oh! Another tragic Love story 🙄 ”  is probably the tag line you have already generously donated to my title. Firstly its not tragic, and secondly it did not end! There is no relationship to begin with, what’s there to end :/ You are right this is about what’s not there. But its not fiction either. Don’t judge me pls! Well I am sure you are a  friend of mine and I threatened you to read this and that’s why you are here reading!  So u might as well finish doing so.

Just like in everyone else’s life, people have come and people have gone in mine too (Lets just call the one am referring to as ‘some’) . As i was saying, ‘Some’ stay! To make life easier lets christen this some as Harry Potter. So this Harry neither comes galloping on a white horse(or flying on a dragon) like in a 1928 story nor in a fancy Lamborghini(or a flying car). You just get acquainted at 11:30 IST and at 18:12 IST Harry hops on to your lil moped for a ride up the hill with you!

Harry is a very busy guy. You know, got to save the world from the bad guys and all that. But the delight  from the little, whatever time he spares, lasts longer than the validity on my credit card. I came, I saw, I conquered said once, a famous man. But in this case, I went, I saw, and he conquers it for me! I just went and saw joy, only this time in the form of a gorgeous dress in a store. But he’s sure to get it for you in whatever form you see happiness.

I don’t really know much about harry to go on with this. But whatever I know is enough to wrack my brain and pen down a little something for him ( which I have added after the next para) . It is enough for me to love someone unconditionally. He’s the one who  shows how complicated I make things while his mantra is to just ‘Keep it Simple’. He never questions your choices nor does he worry you with his. He has a life above and beyond what we think life is. He is that person who just smiles when you are bawling your eyes out and that’s enough for you to smile ear to ear! His laughter is extremely contagious even when you are only but listening to it. That’s right, Harry is the “Epitome of Happiness”.

Well that’s Harry to you. And as for me, I am the kinds who is sometimes scared of being alone , and sometimes petrified of the crowd. I love to stuff myself with all the desserts in the world but will barf because of the tiniest taste of sweet in my food. My thoughts are more tangled than the bunch of chains in my bag of accessories. I am that uncertain being who’s certain only about one thing! And that is about loving You!  but that is only a story, for I’ll never tell and you’ll never know!

“At first it was comforting, a shoulder to rely on

Slowly, listening to you became mellifluous and sonorous

At first I could just tell you anything I felt

Now what I feel is ineffable

Everytime I wanna say it, I only quiver

Now what I feel is Hiraeth

Whenever I wished to express, it only came by as nefarious and illicit

All this began in an epoch of emotional turbulence

There was serendipity in your appearance at a time when there was no hope

At one moment I was in solitude and the next I was in limerence

My head had become a bombinating vacuum

I wander around as if I was somnambulating

I never felt more alive, the things around me were ethereal

This epiphany changed the way I saw things

The rains were no more a result of precipitation

It was the reason for petrichor and the cause for the iridescent rainbow!

I would just lie supine and gaze at the luminescent sky

Oblivious to the happenings around me

I am aware that this is only ephemeral and that there is no denouement

Nonetheless what I experience is an incandescent emotion,

And with so much to say and immense lack of courage It’s going to be like a vellichor

This rendition of my emotions is far from eloquent!

As I lie basking in sonder,

I know that I am no different,

I knew all these effervescent emotions had to be said, Before it is all defenestrated

For, you were a ray of hope, the aurora in my Life!” 🙂

16 thoughts on “LOVE THAT’LL REMAIN A STORY!

  1. Although you say your thoughts are all tangled up, you still have the gift to lay it out beautifully.. Reading this made me feel I was on a tour in your head, and got a chance to go only on one ride.. Many more rides are pending.. Please Continue to this, dont stop. 🙂


  2. Beautiful saj… We’ll written… Words r highly advanced.. . Hehe good one… Appreciate ur efforts to put it up well☺😘👍..


  3. I could picture harry totally my way 🙂 🙂 I could relate most of it. Very well written. Cnt wait to read more 🙂 🙂


  4. I think the poem is in Spanish. Couldn’t under stand most of the things whereas the summary is very sweet as it had Harry’s mantra ‘Keep it Simple ‘ !!!


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