Arz kiya hai!

There I was travelling to one of South India’s tiger reserves with a hope that by the time I finish the jungle travel, I would have witnessed something that would exhaust all the adrenaline running in my system and have the most exciting experience to share. Little did I know that what I would witness would plunge me into such deep thoughts and stir the writer in me to pen down something, the likes of which I haven’t been the cause for until that very minute . And the result left me wondering if I had some kind of a split personality that has learnt this language without my conscious self realizing it.So after a lot of debate between myself and my blog writing counterpart, I have finally succeeded in convincing myself to enlighten the world with my adroit thoughts in this regional language!

Joh tum kehthe nahi
Usse sunne ki chaah mujhse gayi nahi
Jis soch ko tum samajthe ho bachpana
Usi ehsaas se Mera ye jahan banaa
Hawa ke jhokon ki tara azaad ho tum
Usi jhoke se bandhen hai hum
Jitni kadwi hai meri baatein
Utne hi naadaan hai mere iraade
Pahaadon ke upar, iss jahannum ke bhitar
Teri yaadein in palkon ki tarah bus pal bhar ke liye judaa hothe hai
aur dheeren se milte hai !
Inhi hawaaon ke panno pe likhi hai woh Har ek baat
Joh is dil mein ghoonjthi hai Har ek raat
Milon door rehthe ho tum
Isika shikwa karte hai hum
Lekin Waqt se Zyada humaare beech
aur koi doorin nahi

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