The Man That Stood Tall

Long long ago, a normal day saw the birth of a normal baby boy.
One amongst thousands of others
To the world he was just one more feather
But to his family he was a great bundle of joy.
His childhood, adolescence I barely know
Nonetheless his few years of company has brimmed me with enough pride to bow.
You have lead a full life
A life of joy and strife
Seen success in career
And a family full of joy and cheer
We will never be able to match your piousness
Nor walk along your path of righteousness
We are sorry for all the wrongs we’ve done
For all the virtues we’ve forgotten,
We are all however a portion of your heart
A proud piece off the kramadhati cart.
Wherever you are and whatever we become
We all continue to thrive from your blessed Beacon.
This tear of pride falls
To the man that stood tall

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