The Mysuru Palace

Believed to be the fourth to stand this ground,
It’s three predecessors had catastrophe all around!
Struck by lightning the first went down,
Demolition took the second amidst public frown!
The third went up in flames, making way to the extant Phoenix!

Reborn from ashes over a century ago,
The Mysore Palace is an exuberant show! 
Many Kings and Queens have come and gone,
So have a million nights and dawn!
This Palace remains an epitome of grandeur!

Illuminated by a million incandescent,
This Palace’s royalty is prominent!
Even in darkness it emanates a sense of strength, 
One that’s felt across its breadth and length! 
Its mere sight is a sense of pride and of gaiety! 

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3 thoughts on “The Mysuru Palace

  1. Still can’t get over the recent sense of realisation about the whole palace history ! And still those lights are fresh in my memory… What a treat to one’s eyes! Words are mere to describe Mysuru Palace ❤️

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  2. Beautiful words to describe the immense beauty of this iconic edifice that defines namma Mysuru! So many memories for millions of visitors and proud moments for great artists that have performed here over the last century! May the glory and grandeur continue to bring joy for generations to come. So proud to be a Mysorean always, despite having been away for decades lol!

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  3. The words used here literally gets your imagination running and you wonder how it might have been back in the day .. It makes you wanna plan a trip this very weekend to Mysore and pay a visit to the marvelous wonder !
    Your beautiful words do justice to the legendary Mysore Palace !!

    Keep them coming !!

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