Kodaikanal – The Princess of Hills

The perfect weekend getaway that you deserve,
This is your destination to calm your nerve!
The hues of green and blue, 
A visual treat just for you! 
Sit back and relax or go on a hike, 
This place has everything you like! 

Nicknamed as the Princess of Hills, this South Indian Hill station’s name ‘Kodaikanal’ translates to ‘The Gift of The Forest’! And standing true to its name, it truly is a gift. The gush of fresh breeze and its breathtaking views in every direction is the best gift to mankind from nature. Colonised by some British Bureaucrats during the mid 1800s, this place also boasts of some colonial structures amongst its natural beauty.

Situated at about 7000ft above sea level, this quaint little town is one of the finest hill stations that Tamil Nadu boasts of. This place is host to a variety of options form multiple waterfalls, lakes, day hikes to temples, ruins and lip-smacking food. Due to the extent of tourism there are a variety of options of all ranges for tourists to explore from.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal!

I have visited Kodaikanal both during the monsoons and winter and have both the times an absolutely different and wonderful experience.

Winters in Kodaikanal

While the temperatures during winter can drop to a chilly 8oC and also have almost pleasant 16oC during the day. So the months of October – January or Mid February are best enjoyed by those seeking to sip on hot soup and cuddling up, or dancing around the bonfire in the winter whilst enjoying the mist laced views.

Summers in Kodaikanal

People say this is the best time to visit Kodiakanal and has been in practice since the colonial era. Back then, the Indian royals and the Invading ravagers would retreat to this place to escape the high temperatures and to this day Mother Nature here does not disappoint the visiting species magnificent views and refreshing breaths. So March – June is your window if you want to escape from your city heat.

Monsoons in Kodaikanal

Between July – September Kodaikanal offers the most spectacular display of different shades of green in every angle your head can twist in. This is one of my best time to visit Kodaikanal, as the number of tourists drastically decrease leaving only us curious travellers to explore its beauty. The temperatures can vary between 20oC to 12oC during the monsoons. One must be careful while riding/driving as the roads can be a tad bit tricky due to the rains.

Things To Do in Kodaikanal!

Go on Multiple Hikes

Kodaikanal is not known as the princess of hills for no reason. One can enjoy multiple small and long hikes around your homestay and enjoy the best views in every direction you turn your head.

Play in waterfalls

During one of our stays in this beautiful region, our host at the farmhouse took us on a couple of hikes and both the times we got to dip our feet in the cool and clear waters and wash away our worries. That’s right! There are many waterfalls in the region with a variety of water levels. Some you can stand back and enjoy the view, while in some you just get an amazing back massage by just going all in!

Some of the waterfalls you could visit are

  1. Chettiyar Kaadu Waterfall
  2. Anjuveedu Waterfall
  3. Marappan Waterfall
  4. Silver Cascade Waterfall

Visit Dolphin Nose

At an elevation of 6600ft above sea level, Dolphin Nose view point is one of the best and should be on your to do list. This place owes its name to the flatbed rock that protrudes out in the shape os a dolphin nose.(Duh!)Depending on your stamina levels, this could be an easy-moderate hike of about 3Kms through the pines of the Palani Hill ranges.

This is the only photo I found from this hike 🥲

Tickle Your Palate

You could try a variety of cuisine at a lot of these places also come with a kick ass view!

  1. Altaf’s Cafe for some middle eastern cuisine
  2. Zac’s Resort for some lip smacking South and North Indian food (You’ll have to call them and place an order early on)
  3. Cloud Street for some Italian cuisine and old school decor
  4. Tibetan Brothers for well, you know!
  5. Pastry Corner for some mouth watering desserts!

Places to Stay

Vaaranam Farms

Location: https://g.page/vaaranamfarm?share

This is one of the best places I have ever stayed at during all of my travels. The host here, Senthil is extremely enterprising and provides with so many insights about the place. And take you on such lovely hikes, that going back home will become a ginormous task. I have been here twice and both the times I had to drag myself out of there with a heavy heart.

The view from the porch of this place is breathtaking and combined with food prepared by the in-house cooks that is absolutely delectable, I am warning you it becomes so impossible to leave that it should be illegal! (No exaggeration intended). If you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, trying to replace the sound of the ear piercing honks and thuds from constructions with chirping of birds and the grunts from playful dogs, then this is your place!

A video tour around the farms

Rahsun Estate

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/34QZVjWUErxddxmc8

This farmhouse is located in the middle of a beautiful farm, which is tended to by a lovely family. We had an amazing time here with some delicious food, prepared by them.

From the sit-out area!

Zac’s Resort

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/8NwEdwF2HvhgJ2PZA

Although we didn’t have the opportunity to stay here, we did go to their restaurant and loved their food. The ambiance is lovely and each cottage in this resort is at a vantage point with a stunning view and if lucky you could be above floating clouds too.

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