Covid-19 : Nature’s Anti-Virus?


Not too long ago when I visited Chikmagalur- A scenic hill station in Karnataka, with a bunch of dear ones, I was perched on a boulder that gave me a panoramic view of the place. And this view did not encompass long chimneys puffing smoke, chugging and honking automobiles, or proudly standing concrete structures. This was one that brought peace to the mind, joy to the eyes and a smile on the face. While being lost in this gaze at nature, I noticed something that was hidden in plain sight. It was the shape of a ‘?’ in the midst of the wide area of trees! Now it took awhile for me to comprehend what I was seeing. While I am not sure why, this revelation had me dumbstruck with so many questions proliferating my grey matter.

How much harm are we causing the planet? Where do we draw the line? Will it be too late by the time we realize?  I know some of us are doing the right thing, but is it enough? When will this stop? Will the planet ever get a break? And so many more. These questions stayed afloat in my mind ever since. And now while we’re amidst one of the most challenging situations of our times, the same image sprung up in my head but this time with some answers.


Yesterday I remembered a sight,

A question camouflaged in a dense thicket

I was in awe of what I’d espied,

Felt like Nature was asking us to Introspect!


We’ve fought many a war,

We’ve felled many a forest,

We’ve left the ozone ajar

We’ve set the temperature at its warmest!


Industrialization, Urbanization, Civilization,

Planet’s destruction in the name of advancement,

And as a befitting answer to our action,

We’re challenged with a situation all too poignant!


Schools are locked,

Offices are functioning remote,

Our whole race is shocked,

For a tiny microbe has us by our throat!


The roads are deserted,

The minds are jaded,

Hoping the worse is averted,

And the Contagion degraded!


Looking to the laptop finishing up some WFH task,

I only wish we were done hiding under the quarantine cloak!

Looking up to the sky I ask,

Is this some kind of an early April fool’s joke?


That’s when I noticed the sky was clearer,

The air was lighter,

The birds were chirpier,

Felt like Mother Earth got a breather!


Once this is all over,

And I know it will be, 

For this deadly virus we’ll clobber,

Never forget two things; because we’re paying a great fee,

Be grateful for what you’ve, and incept to co-exist with Nature! 


When you finally step out, 

Thank those in the frontline who’ve risked it all, 

For while you sat in, they were on the lookout,

They’re our heroes in this brawl! 


When you finally step out, 

Smile your brightest at everyone, Never miss a day, 

Give a friend an extra hug, Never be in doubt,

Accomplish what you can today, Never say another day! 


Once this is all over,

And you finally step out, 

Live, laugh, love, let go of that anger,

Only for things of happiness let us scout,

Let’s be grateful for what we’ve, and incept to co-exist with Nature! 


PS: For those of you who missed it







4 Comments on “Covid-19 : Nature’s Anti-Virus?

  1. Bravo Saj, beautifully written!
    There is always something good about everything!
    I haven’t heard the birds chirping all day since my childhood, to hear them now makes me feel Mother Earth is recovering slowly from all this urbanization!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant saj.. 😊 I want to introduce you, To probably a 9 years younger “you”😛

    A Pen – here is “A girl” (tamil)
    You both have kept it going for all of us in amid lockdown. Thanks for reminding and giving that hope of thinking about better future, with better thoughts 😊 👏🏼

    Untill this virus let ourselves free, lets live and enjoy this lockdown 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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