Her Rhythm!

While she stood entangled,

In the binds of her society,

She let the wind carry her dreams,

And bowed down to the norms laid.

She was but a mere puppet,

Being maneuvered around on the stage, 

Not in a manner she prefers 

But in a way the assemblage saw fit.

She knew she could be more, 

But a tiny trot in her own direction,

A string was ready to tug her back to position, 

Reminding her that her voice wasn’t hers. 

She didn’t belong there she knew,

She then surrendered to her fantasies, 

That lay captive in the realm of her mind, 

The ones she’d nurtured so long. 

She was never going to be understood,

She knew she had to break those shackles,

And slowly the notes in her life’s song would alter,

And her feet would follow their rhythm!

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