For a while now everyone’s discussing about noodles. And in our country noodles means Maggi! That’s how much each one of us loves it.  How are we going to “LEAD” our lives without Maggi, with many states banning it, although temporarily.  Everytime I went to the supermarket and stood in front of the rack where noodles from different brands were stacked, I thought “Let me try something different this time” and picked up a new brand. But every single time my bill would loud and clearly read Nestle Maggi Net Wt 600g as a back-up plan. I don’t know if Maggi is Leading us or misleading, all I know is I’ll miss it for reasons more than one! I will miss it because:

  • Maggi was the first thing I learnt to cook and for a long time it was the only thing I could ever cook

  • Maggi was the quickest thing that mum could use to shut me up everytime I annoyed her with my never ending affair with hunger

  • Maggi was the first thing my hands reached even before dry clothes, when I returned home drenched in the unpredicted showers

  • Maggi was the midnight snack me and my cousin could quickly conjure before slyly sneaking back into our rooms

  • Maggi was the breakfast, lunch and or dinner that would help us save on some cooking time during exams (Of course time wasted on endless yapping never counts!)

  • Maggi was what saved me from frostbite (exaggeration intended) in the freezing winds atop Nainital overlooking the Himalayas! Just looking at the snow capped mountain made me shiver, I needed Maggi!

  • Maggi was that only food I could experiment with by adding any ingredient I could think of, and be confident that the dish will turn out just fine!

  • Maggi was the delicacy my hostelite friends had to offer, on my trip to their rooms. That was the only thing they could cook with ease in their wax heaters you know!

  • Maggi was the only thing I could afford even during my empty wallet days ( That’s half my life)

  • Maggi was the only healthy item(or so we thought then) on our college canteen menu

Well! I will miss Maggi because of all the above mentioned reasons and many many more! Chilly cheese Maggi, Paneer Maggi, Egg Maggi, Vegetable Maggi etc., was the favorites of every student especially during our 2 years, full expense paid vacation in Manipal as students!  I, like millions of others hope Maggi recovers from the lead attack very soon!

5 thoughts on “NOODLE NOSTALGIA!

  1. Yummm yummm 😁I want maggi now!! U reminded sooo much of it.. Hehe Lovely.. Good one…drift of thoughts from Harrys luv story to Maggie’s😜🍻


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