With Pain, from Pulwama!

DPs blackened, Sorrows Tweeted,

As a tribute to all of you who bled!

Frustrations being expressed over the internet,

But to you martyrs, we owe a bigger debt!

The country is crying for the martyred,

For your lives were bartered!

In uniforms you were clad, for your responsibilities you were glad,

We’re condemning the bad, pacifying the sad!

Words are all that we have to offer,

Even as we idle in our homes, and at the borders you suffer!

A soldier is son to 2 mothers, someone rightly said

One gave birth; to the other his life, he laid!

As we watch the images of horror,

Of the hostilities sent from across the border

I struggle to think straight

As I’m befuddled about my life’s state

A while ago I was sitting behind a gadget filled desk

Whining about life being grotesque,

Now all that’s in my head

Are commiseration towards the kin of the dead!

Today I take a pledge,

To honor the life you’ve lived on the edge!

I pledge to sing to everyone of your courage

To follow your footsteps I’ll encourage!

I pledge to resonate life’s more gratifying facets

Live a life of more gladness and less regrets!

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