Responsible Recreation!

While staying at home was a mandate,
For our physical well-being,
Stepping out today was great 
For our mind and soul’s freeing!
We began to pedal away,
Just when the Sun started to peep out,
It’s always the journey they say,
But our destination stole the show, no doubt!
The golden rays painted our face,
The glittering water kissed our feet,
Little kingfishers adorned the skies with grace,
Being surrounded by nature was a gratifying treat!
Overwhelmed, a bead of tear trickled down my cheek,
Joining the ripples of water marching in a parade,
Flowing in a labyrinth, a purpose they seek,
And on their way a million lives they aid! 
While we are tuning ourselves to a new normal,
Let us treat our surroundings with compassion,
And cease all deeds that’re abysmal,
Care. Support. Be a Paragon of Responsible Recreation! 

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