MYSORE- My Home!

“Macha! It’s unbearably hot in Mysore” a friend said

But I still go every week,

“There’s absolutely no party life”, a party freak said

But I still go every weekend

“The neighbors daily gather around and only gossip”, a visitor said

But I still smile every week when I walk in my neighborhood!

Well after putting on my thinking cap for what seemed like eternity, I could come up with what others would call “Top 3 reasons not to visit Mysore” and what I would re-phrase it as “We got only 3 puny reasons to prevent an alien invasion into Mysore? :O ”

When they claimed that Mysore was extremely hot, I smiled and said I can still breathe fresh air. When they complained about the quiet nights, I pointed out that’s when you can relax the best. When they mocked about the gossiping neighbors, I highlighted the fact that we still have time for human interaction and are not victims to technological invasion.

When I started to write this article, I thought the title would be ‘Mysore- (A sophisticated adjective) ‘. But nothing seemed more convincing than calling it ‘My Home’. I constantly find myself in the company of people who never get bored of asking “Dude, why do you travel to Mysore so often? What do you do there? What’s so special?” my answer to which every single time would be “Dude, It’s Mysore! What more should I say”. I honestly have no scientific explanation to what this city possesses that constantly draws us to it. But like someone rightly said “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave and it feels even better to come back”.

I, like millions of others work in a city 3 hours away from Mysore and travel home every weekend and yet on Monday start hankering for ‘The travel to Mysore Friday’.  Some friends who haven’t visited Mysore are fascinated by the fact that we return every week. But how will they know until they have been prey to its enchantment!

All the faces that are pale with exhaustion from the whole weeks work (or atleast from the ordeal of reaching the bus stand or the railway station to travel home) light up in a jiffy as they see the bridge on the outskirts of the city which indicates we are home! A lot of people like me don’t know what the bridge connects, all that matters is we have arrived.

While growing up we had that one KD road to chill, that one Planet X to hang-out, and that one and the most important Betta to de-stress! But sometimes one is all it takes, for that’s when it becomes exclusive! Many things have changed over the years thanks to “Development”. But certain things will remain the same that makes Mysore so irresistible.

The horde of parents waiting at the station to receive their child on a Friday night or Saturday early morning; or leaving home 10 minutes before a movie begins and still make it in time to watch the “Vicco Vajradanti ad” or “Mr Mukesh’s plight”  (Because that’s about how much time you need in Mysore and sometimes reaching places is quicker than making maggi!) ; or riding up betta to just sit there for hours and watch the scintillating beauty of the city that you grew up in, while the serene atmosphere up there washes away all your worries; or that early morning clambering up the steps on betta to burn all those extra calories and heading straight to Mylari after that, to indulge in the most soft Masala Dosas (because you were so guilty of burning too much fat on betta); or playing with kids on the streets; or the ever so gorgeous Dasara- that one festival when, irrespective of caste, creed and color, the whole city gears up and Mysore is decked up like a beauteous bride; or just getting in your vehicle, grabbing a couple of friends on the way and heading to ooty, coorg, bandipur, nagarhole or many other places because we are so close to many weekend getaways; or even just sitting on your terrace and breathing in as much fresh air, because you won’t be getting any for another week; all these things and so much more. I could go on for a lifetime and still not be able to justify our city of palaces. Although most of you who aren’t from Mysore will not be able to relate to it. And those of us, who relate to it, can’t get enough of it. Well need I say anything more about Mysore?

It’s our home! and Home is where our story begins 🙂


Glossary and Disclaimers (For those who are confused and those who might get offended)

Betta: Dictionary would give you hills. But in Mysore it simply means “Chamundi Hills”

Macha: A tamil word which literally means Brother in law. But used synonymously for a friend. (Beats me how this came into usage)

Dude: Although refers to a guy, it’s unanimously used for guys and girls

Vicco Vajradanti ad” or “Mr Mukesh’s plight: The infamous ads that have been the prelude to hundreds of movies.

Mylari: A dinky restaurant which serves the most delicious dosas. Dosas that just melt in your mouth.

PC: Sumukh Bharadwaj!

26 thoughts on “MYSORE- My Home!

  1. Wow.. I’m blown away.. You brought back sweet memories of our (me and sister’s) childhood. You have a gift .. Please don’t stop writing everrrrr…


  2. This brings back my memories of “Once Upon a Time in Mysore” days… very Nostalgic n heart touching one… u gt gud writing skills needed pls continue writing more abt Mysore 😊😊😊


  3. I can’t come every weekend like you bro because I am 8000 miles away :(. Feeling nostalgic and missing Mysore.


  4. Had written something similar the years ago when I was in your situation. Its just unbelievable how so many of us feel the same way! Happy, content to be Mysorean 😊


  5. Nice article Saju. There is no place like home, namma Mysooru! Let’s keep Mysore the way it is without too many people moving there 🙂 We like the slow pace, the clean air, the greenery, all the sights and sounds, a place that is not too big, not too small….just perfect! No one can take away Mysooru from my heart, despite being away for decades, it’s truly exciting to come back there every time!


  6. Beautifully written Sajni! The best part about Mysore is that you feel home everywhere! be it your house, your street or the busy streets in the city, wherever you go there is a sense of security and satisfaction. Thank you for wording this so well.


  7. Bro, I am also from Mysore and have lived in Bangalore for about 13 years and true to what you mentioned traveling to Mysore over the weekend even if it is just for a day irrespective of whether you had any work or not was always refreshing. I still remember the days when around 30 of our friends used travel together in train every weekend together. Those are awesome moments to remember. Now I have shifted to Mysore.


  8. Lovely article 🙂 bt sadly even if I wish to travel to mys every week I can’t do dat. Lucky r those who get a chance to go to namma mysuru every week 🙂


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