A Dream!

I remember that day when I fell asleep, but I was cold

And then woke up in your warm embrace

I believed I had a happy life before all this,

And now happy has a whole new meaning

What a dream it has been,

And to a paradise my life’s akin!

I heard someone say that everyone has that one friend for life,

For me our moments are worth a lifetime

You are a friend, a mentor, a savior, an angel

And now life is a smooth sailing ship

What a dream it has been,

Reminiscing our time together I always grin!

I wish you were around and You know what they say about

If I had a penny for every-time, Well..

I’d be a millionaire, but still couldn’t have you around

And now all I do is keep waiting

What a dream it has been,

Wish there wasn’t time’s distance in between!

I dance out of sheer joy to the tune of your voice

Wisdom, Compassion, warmth, and love you glow with,

Even at times when most things around are all gloomy

And now I believe in that silver lining

What a dream it has been,

You are the yang to my yin!

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