Mountains or Beaches?

The most common question in the world of travel is, are you a beach person or a mountain person? Initially I would rack my brain trying to figure out an answer, and as I travelled more, I realized that the question doesn’t make any sense! Do you have to choose? Nope you don’t! Now my answer to that question is I’m a globetrotter. I’m an appreciate the life’s beauteous offerings person. 

While you explore the challenging twists and turns on a mountain, you stumble upon a unique experience at every turn. The views that a mountain has to offer is just surreal. It makes you feel like you are flying, while keeping you grounded. And that is unique only to the mountains. 

While the mountains have their own beauty, so do the beaches. The sound of waves touching your soul, the grains of sand teasing your feet, the colors of sunset romancing your eyes are encounters you’ll carry with you, your entire life. It brings out the kid inside you with its spirited manners, while allowing your adult mind to appreciate the splendor around. And that is unique only to the beaches. 

So why choose, when you can relish the multitude of experiences nature has to offer in different forms.  

The whiff of fresh air,
Joyously playing with your hair,
The rays of sun piercing,
Through skies of misty morning,
Bestowing the most gorgeous spectacles,
The mountains are unquestionably delectable! 

There is a silent tranquility,
In the roaring wave’s vicinity,
Waves kissing your feet wet, 
The flamboyant colors of sunset, 
Everytime a story it speaks, 
To every different emotion’s needs! 

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