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Fortunate are those who travel, even more fortunate are those who read my travel stories.

Food ‘n Frolic

Food is our best invention, and words are my best friend. Here’s a combination of both.

The only place in India where you can be hit by a sunstroke or a frostbite! And yet millions of people have this place on their bucket list! Click here to find out more about this wonderful place.

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Chandrashila: The beginner’s winter wonderland!

Chandrashila- Your stepping stone to snow treks!

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Areca Nut Processing!

When I was in Shivamogga district in the North-Eastern part of Karnataka, I came across this tiny village that me and my friends were just walking around in and came across a house where a few ladies were having a nice banter while doing some chores. The curious cat in me just walked in with their permission and that’s when I saw that, that was a house where they were processing Areca Nut!…

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