The Transient eternity!

You were attached to what once belonged to you, 

The friend with whom you grew, 

The dress that made you pulchritudinous,  

The childhood crush over someone famous!

That relationship you thought was forever, 

The song you thought you’d always remember, 

The town you wanted to dwell in your entire lifetime,

The energy of youth so sublime!

You presumed you wouldn’t befriend your entire life, 

Over the hatred for a friend from a childhood strife,

That job you tried but you couldn’t perfect,

All those relationships where you faced a reject!

The depression from the heart break,

Because of that relationship you didn’t realize was fake, 

The scar glaring from your cheek,

From an accident you didn’t mean to seek!

When you think you have it all, 

Life has its way to make you fall, 

And when all seems lost and despair,

Life shines light into your lair! 

Remember my friend today’s pain

It is a lesson, don’t let it go in vain, 

Yesterday’s joy is now a memory

Remember, forever is just a transient eternity! 

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