"Iridescent Ink"


A calming breeze in the wilderness!

Because you are not alone in the outdoors!

A land untouched by extensive technology. Devoid of pollution, this place is your soul’s detox solution!

Sometimes you have to just let it in!

From high rise buildings to tiled colonial bungalows, from the authentic Kerala cuisine to your favourite chocolate cake- Kochi has it all!

The red sandstone memorial here conveys the dreadful outcome of any war in the most subtle manner “Beneath this earth young warriors sleep!”

Sitting there watching the sun go down tells you so much!

Green has got to be your favorite color for you to like this place, even if it isn’t, trust me it will be your favorite before you leave.

A picture speaks a 1000 words apparently, but a 1000 words aren’t enough to express this picturesque beauty!

That one place which exhausts you and rejuvenates you at the same time!