Arz kiya hai!

There I was travelling to one of South India's tiger reserves with a hope that by the time I finish the jungle travel, I would have witnessed something that would exhaust all the adrenaline running in my system and have the most exciting experience to share. Little did I know that what I would witness... Continue Reading →

The Man That Stood Tall

Long long ago, a normal day saw the birth of a normal baby boy. One amongst thousands of others To the world he was just one more feather But to his family he was a great bundle of joy. His childhood, adolescence I barely know Nonetheless his few years of company has brimmed me with... Continue Reading →


"Oh! Another tragic Love story 🙄 "  is probably the tag line you have already generously donated to my title. Firstly its not tragic, and secondly it did not end! There is no relationship to begin with, what's there to end :/ You are right this is about what's not there. But its not fiction either.... Continue Reading →

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